Locum Tenens should be a fun and rewarding experience

Thinking about doing locums but don't know where to start? Wondering what locums is like? Want to get started without making a bunch of mistakes? Already doing locums but feel lost? Want to become the locums doctor everyone keeps inviting back? Then you are in the right place to learn what you need to make Locums a great experience.

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All You Need To Create a Great Locums Life

You could spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning what it takes to become a successful locums physician. Or you can sit down an hour a day with me for the next few weeks and I'll teach you what I learned during my years as a locums physician. When I was nearing the end of my career I wanted to slow down and work part time for a while before I retired from medicine completely. I discovered Locum Tenens and began working half-time covering critical access hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. I learned many lessons by trial and error and I put those lessons into this course so you can shorten your learning curve and establish a rewarding locums career from the start. 

Extra Spending Money

With locums you can have the flexibility to work a few weekend shifts if you want to earn a little extra cash to pay off your loans or save for a big purchase like a car or house.

Flexible Work Schedule

The locums lifestyle allows you to work when, where, and how often you want. You can work full-time, part-time or take a few weeks/months off to do some great adventure that requires more time like when my wife and I backpacked 450 miles across Spain.

Travel The World

Locums gives you the ultimate flexibility to get paid to see the world. You can work in a new part of the country/world with each new assignment, or choose a recurring assignment yet live wherever you wish. One doctor I met works part-time in the United States and lives in Portugal. 

"Locums offers full-time pay, for part-time work, with location and time flexibility."

-Dr. Cory S. Fawcett

 Sample Video From The Course 

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Here is what you will learn 

Week 1:



What is Locums

Great Opportunity

Advantages of Locums

Overcoming Disadvantages

1099 Independent Contractor


New Work Environments

Stabilizing Home Life

Dealing with Multiple Jobs

Who Should Do Locums

Who Shouldn't Do Locums


Week 2:


Defining the Ideal Assignment

Locating an Ideal Assignment

Assessing the Offer

Accepting an Assignment

Should You Use an Agency?

Dealing With Agencies

Doing it Without an Agency

Dealing Directly With a Hospital

Getting Licensed


Organizing Your Credentialing Info

My Credentialing Box Tour



Week 3: 


Before You Start an Assignment

How to Look Good on Assignment

Housing Issues

Making it Feel Like Home

Hobbies on the Road

Keeping up Your Fitness

Misc. Tips


Getting Paid


Malpractice Insurance

Business Models

Retirement Accounts

Closing Tips


About Your Coach

I'm Dr. Cory S. Fawcett, the founder of Financial Success, MD, and author of the award winning/best selling Doctors Guide Book Series which includes:

The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice/Career Right

The Doctors Guide to Eliminating Debt

The Doctors Guide to Smart Career Alternatives and Retirement

The Doctors Guide to Real Estate Investing for Busy Professionals.  

The Doctors Guide to Navigating a Financial Crisis

After 20 years in a single specialty private practice group in Southern Oregon, I was ready to cut back to part time, but my contract did not allow for that. As I explored my options, I discovered locum tenens. 

I spent the final three years of my medical career as a locums physician, providing call relief for lone general surgeons at critical access hospitals in the Pacific Northwest. 

This very rewarding option provided me near full time wages for half-time work. I learned a lot of tips and tricks which I provide for you in this course. 

My wife traveled with me to every assignment so we enjoyed getting paid to travel. 

My goal is to teach you how to make locums a great and rewarding adventure with a much shorter learning curve than I had. 

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Satisfaction Guarantee

I strive to provide you with a high quality, valuable product, that will change your life. Initially you will have access to the first week of videos. This will include an introduction along with the first eleven topics. If during those first seven days you are not 100% satisfied in any way, simply email me at MD@FinancialSuccessMD.com and request a full refund. It is that simple. 

Here is what you get


Long term access to the course. Watch the videos at anytime as many times as you like.


MP3 files of each lecture so you can listen to them in your car during your commute. Learn what you need to succeed without using up your family time. 


100% money back guarantee. You have an entire week to evaluate the first module of the course. If you don't feel this course will be helpful to you and add great value to your life, then send me an email at [email protected] and tell me you would like a refund. It is that simple. Your access to the course will be removed and your money will be fully refunded. You have nothing to lose. 


If only one idea in the course makes your locums life better, then you will have received more than your money's worth.


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Thriving in Locum Tenens

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