Automated Real Estate Investments Will Never Feel Like a Second Job

Want to invest in real estate but worry you don't have the time? Follow my methods and you will find real estate takes very little time away from your family, your hobbies or your profession. Since real estate gave me my financial freedom, I have even more time available and so can you!

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All The Needed Tools To Manage Your Real Estate

You could spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to learn what it takes to successfully run your real estate business. Or you can sit down an hour a day with me for the next few weeks and I'll teach you what I learned managing my 64 rental units while I was a full time surgeon. It took my wife and me about 10-15 hours a month to manage our 64 units. I still did a few things myself that I enjoyed, and if I had automated those tasks, our time used would have been even smaller. Let me show you how to do the same.

Direct ownership of your real estate Investment

When you are the owner you get all the appreciation, depreciation and cash flow. No need to share profits with partners. 

Time with family

When you automate your real estate investing, you have more time to do the things you want to do.

Financial Freedom

Real estate cash flow will create a steady passive income stream so you don't need to work for every dollar.

"Rental real estate should never feel like a second job, if it does, then a little guidance is needed."

-Dr. Cory S. Fawcett

 Sample Video From The Course 

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Here is what you will learn 

Week 1: Emergencies and Maintenance

Why Automate Everything

Emergency Calls

Routine Maintenance

Appliance Repair



Spare Parts Supply

Cover Your Gutters



Week 2:     Turnovers

Room Turnovers




General Cleaning

Abandoned Property


Closing Statements


Week 3: New Tenants and Money

Tenant Placement

Showing Units

Tenant Applications

Screening Tenants

Move in/Move out Forms


Collecting Rent

Coin Operated Laundry


Week 4: Evictions, Taxes, and Accounting

Problem Tenants

Non-Paying Tenants

Notice to Vacate


Safety Inspections

Lock Outs

Legal Forms

Yard Care & Trash


Tax Tips

Automating Bills

Vacation Coverage


Copies of All My Forms and Spreadsheets


About Your Coach

I'm Dr. Cory S. Fawcett, the founder of Financial Success, MD. 

I bought my first multi-family property in 2001 while I was a full time general surgeon. It was a 31 unit apartment complex that I bought with no money down and got cash back at closing. All the details of that purchase are discussed in my best selling book The Doctors Guide to Real Estate Investing for Busy Professionals.  

During the first year of ownership my wife and I easily ran all aspects of the property ourselves, while raising two active boys and running a busy medical practice.

Our ownership peaked at 64 rental units which took about 10-15 hours a month for us to manage.

I retired from my medical practice in my early 50s, twelve years after my first real estate purchase, and my real estate produces enough cash flow to be the sole provider of my retirement income. With my investments now fully automated, I spend most of the year traveling the world (pre-COVID).

If you want to spend your time doing something other than taking care of your real estate investments, then automation will get you there and I can show you how.

My wife and I spent the summer of 2019 backpacking 450 miles across Spain. During that time our real estate income was automatically deposited into our bank account with no input from us. In fact, we spent two months in Europe with our phones on airplane mode. Your real estate investments can run themselves if you learn to automate the management just like we did.


Frequently Asked Questions

Satisfaction Guarantee

I strive to provide you with a high quality, valuable product, that will change your life. Initially you will have access to the first week of videos. This will include an introduction along with the first nine topics. If during those first seven days you are not 100% satisfied in any way, simply email me at and request a full refund. It is that simple. 

Here is what you get


Long term access to the course. Watch the videos at anytime as many times as you like.


MP3 files of each lecture so you can listen to them in your car during your commute. Learn what you need to succeed without using up your family time. 


100% money back guarantee. You have an entire week to evaluate the first module of the course. If you don't feel this course will be helpful to you and add great value to your life, then send me an email at [email protected] and tell me you would like a refund. It is that simple. Your access to the course will be removed and your money will be fully refunded. You have nothing to lose. 


If only one idea in the course gives time back to you and your family, then you will have received more than your money's worth.


All of the above is available for one low payment of $497. Simply click on the "Buy the Course Now" button below to get started.

The Doctors Course to Automating Your Real Estate Investments

Don't wait another day. Increase the hours you spend with your family and the money you put in your pocket. 

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